Tour: Floor Plans

The exposition is located on both floors of the Governor Palace, occupying a surface of 1200 squared meters.

Section one (first floor) introduces the evolutionary aspects of animal shapes and anatomies up to the human anatomy and its representations at the end of the 19th century.  The extraordinary collection of physiognomy masks by the anatomist Lorenzo Tenchini, a pupil of Cesare Lombroso, is visibile at this floor.

The entire collection of the Tenchini’s masks is available after 110 years from its original manufacturing due to the generosity of the Lombroso’s Museum in Turin, that collects part of the masks since the beginning of the 20th century, and loaned them in full for this event.

Section two (second floor) starts from artistic and mathematical-computational symbolizations for the virtual reconstruction of living bodies, moving to the use of these reconstructions for bioartificial organ bioengineering with biomaterials and for other innovative applications in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, up to the simulation of the human body through humanoid robots, a futuristic frontier in applications to the human health, with eventual involvement in extraterrestrial space missions.